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Popular PHP Frameworks For Web Development in 2020

Today, you can see a lot of advertising in which the company makes a landmark for 2020. The beginning of a new decade always marks a big change. For example, the first iPad appeared exactly at the start of 2010. It was a huge step forward in the development of tablets and computer technology in general.

People are waiting from 2020 something supernatural, although it remains quite a bit. In fact, the near future of web development is already known today. Some trends appeared a year earlier.

What are Best PHP Frameworks to use in 2020? Here is the list of the Best PHP Frameworks to use in 2020 are:
  1. Laravel
  2. Symfony
  3. Code Igniter
  4. Yii2
  5. Zend
  6. CakePHP
  7. FuelPHP

The world should not expect something radically new. But it should be understood that the role of some technologies and development methods will grow several times. So what is this development?

Artificial Intelligence

For “intelligent” technology is the future of the world. This is displayed in any field for several decades. As soon as physical strength began to be replaced by robots, the greatest minds began to work on the full automation of our lives.

We could ignore this for a long time in the context of automating the production of products, consumer goods, cars and other things. After all, it goes without saying that a high-speed Formula 1 car cannot be done without the help of robotic technologies. But now artificial intelligence is sneaking into our lives much deeper.

Future of Web Development in 2020 intelligence

The possibilities of the implementation of artificial intelligence. Source of the image
Smart Home, voice search, home cleaning robots, autopilot and other such technologies are all artificial intelligence. Each of them already has its embodiment in the market. But this is far from the end.

AI facilitates any action hundreds of times. First of all, it will be widely used during the development of web services. Programmers know that most actions can be safely transferred to the robot without loss of quality. However, deadlines will be significantly reduced.

Also, the AI will be embedded in the finished products with user orientation. I will tell about some of them below. Artificial intelligence will help improve the user experience several times. Therefore, it will be the core of all future web development.

Programming languages

This point is exclusively for web developers (both professionals and beginners). Their demand directly depends on what frameworks and languages they can work with. The speed of adaptation to new tools also plays a role. Therefore, today they need to understand what knowledge they need to get in order to keep up, or to completely overtake the future of web development.

Javascript, Python and PHP are the most popular programming languages in recent years. Trends do not change, because the developers are satisfied with the capabilities of this trio. The first place surely takes Javascript, because I advise you to study it, if you still do not know each other. Python breathes in the back. But it is very weak for developing mobile applications. However, for browser web services this language is considered one of the best.

Most Popular Programming Languages. Source of the image
PHP is considered the worst language, so getting to the top is a big surprise. The only explanation is that it is very easy to learn and use. In addition, it is suitable for creating 80% of simple web services.

Smartphones play an important role in our lives. That’s why mobile applications need to pay no less attention. Of course, Javascript is well suited for their development. However, Java is considered the most effective programming language in this key.


Good ground is needed for a perfect web service. Its part is the development environment. I cannot name the future for several years in advance, because at any moment they can create a universal framework. But we already know for sure which sets of tools will be held in high esteem in 2020.

React and Vue – the basis of all front-end developments. React is today the most sought-after framework in most companies. For a long time it competed with Angular. But the developers claim that Angular sags significantly in efficiency.

Future of Web Development in 2020 frameworks

Most popular front-end frameworks. Source of the image
Vue suddenly became popular just this year. However, he captured the Asian market. He is expected to level out with React. Xiaomi is one of the well-known brands that has completely switched to using Vue.

Svelte.js – a framework that is virtually unknown today. But many developers are willing to work with him. High likelihood that it will be the same way as Vue.

Future of Web Development in 2020 back-end frameworks

The most popular back-end frameworks. Source of the image
The fact is that Svelte allows you to create an application that will take less memory. For the work of the finished product, the code of the framework itself is not needed. This is how a reduced size is achieved. For this, Svelte has been called “disappearing”.

Voice commands

One example of the implementation of artificial intelligence. Previously, it was not so noticeable, because this technology worked just awful. Products with high-quality voice input were disproportionately expensive. However, now it is one of the trends.

Voice search is not as fast as text input, because the browser needs time for a clear speech recognition. But it takes on a new look and influences the development of most web services.

Future of Web Development in 2020 input

The mechanism of voice input. Source of the image
For example, SEO of many sites is based on voice queries. The fact is that with the text we introduce something like “interesting places in London”, but let’s say “where to go in London?”. Outwardly quite similar queries, but their difference greatly affects the indexing of sites by search engines.

Also, voice commands are actively implemented in many mobile and web applications. So, by voice, you can call Uber. This makes life much easier, because you do not need to spend time on using the application. Geolocation determines exactly where the driver should arrive. It remains only to wait for the notification of the arrival of cars.

Voice input is another technology that improves the user experience. That is why it makes up the future of web development.


Nothing influences web development trends more than user experience. After all, the task of the developer is to make the most convenient and practical application. That’s why web services will be more interactive.

One example is the Genesis car dealer website. Instead of flipping through hundreds of pages, the user can explore the car with a mouse click. Moreover, the functionality allows you to “collect” your car, namely:

  • select a color;
  • determine the equipment;
  • pick up wheels.

And other. In other words, the buyer will be able to change everything that does not affect the characteristics of the car.

Previously, such developments did not have great popularity due to the large consumption of resources and the prolonged site load. But today technology is much faster. Now it’s much faster to wait for the loading of the interactive page, rather than browse through a few ordinary ones.


Long gone are the days when we visit web pages only from a computer. Moreover, we increasingly use smartphones and tablets, because their functionality and performance is much higher. If we talk about the use of web applications, mobile phones are not inferior to computers.

The only difference is the screen size. Ease of use of the site or graphics should not suffer because of different monitors. Otherwise, the user simply refuses to work with the web page, moving to a more optimized.

Future of Web Development in 2020 web development

Principles of responsive web development. Source of the image
Any web application must adapt to any device, from appearance to functionality. It is important not to create two (or more) versions of the site, since in this case inaccuracies will be noticeable. It is necessary to develop one version that adapts to the workspace.

One-page sites

Increasingly, we notice the effectiveness of single-page. As soon as such sites appeared, users said that this was caused by the indifference of developers to their projects. However, over time, the benefits of such sites have been recognized.

First of all, they allow you to save development resources. Secondly, such pages load much faster. A modern user really appreciates his time, so he cannot wander around the site for a long time looking for information.

More importantly, the correct placement of data on a one-page website allows you to attract the attention of a potential client in a matter of seconds. Much more likely that he will buy a product that interested in 5 seconds than the one that had to study for several hours.

Single-page sites are not a new trend. But ше is gaining more and more popularity. With the implementation of other trends on it, such as interactivity and voice search, you can achieve a huge conversion. Because this is the future of web development.

Chat bots

If you do not know how to attract even more customers and facilitate their work with your project – add a chat bot. This is another highly efficient implementation of artificial intelligence.

Like single-page sites, bots appeared a few years ago. But they work on the principle of a neural network. They are given a huge array of data on the basis of which they learn to work with the user.

It turned out that a simple base for chat bots was not enough, since it was created on the principle of FAQ. But practice has shown that the FAQ very rarely helps the user, as it contains obvious answers. Сlients turn to support with extraordinary questions.

Future of Web Development in 2020 chat bots

How chat bots work. Source of the image
Chat bots took time to study all sorts of customer behavior and understand how to respond in a given situation. Today this process has almost reached the final. Many sites have really smart chat bots.

So, online stores today exist without real support, because bots have completely replaced it. They are ready for any question. Moreover, at the request of the client, they can pick up the desired product and place an order.
Chat bots are one of the best web services optimizations. This is not the future, but the present. But in the next few years, no project will do without them.

Purpose – practicality

For a long time, the important task of web development was to create beautiful content. The role of this element has not become less, but the development of technology allows us to achieve external beauty much faster.

Today, all web development should focus on the practicality of each element. If any button is useless for the user – it should not be added. It will only increase the download time of the site, but the efficiency will decrease.


All future innovations (or ongoing trends) will be associated with the implementation of artificial intelligence. It improves the user experience, and also allows you to create web applications much faster.

In addition, the future of web development is completely dependent on the desires of users. Today there is enough technology to satisfy these desires. Because the “future” is already today. We will only see his improvement.

Best PHP Frameworks to use in 2020 key takeaways:

#1. Artificial Intelligence
#2. Programming languages
#3. Frameworks
#4. Voice commands
#5. Interactivity
#6. Adaptability
#7. One-page sites
#8. Chat bots
#9. Purpose – practicality
#10. Results

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